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Acceptable Use Policy, Terms & Conditions

  The following policy is intended to be a guideline to Medway Hosting's stance against violations of the accepted norms of the internet community and is not intended to be exhaustive. We reserve the right at all times to protect our reputation and goodwill.  
  Any breaches of this Policy should be reported to and the entire posting, together with the full headers, should be forwarded. We will do everything possible to respond to each abuse report. All complaints will be thoroughly investigated.


1) The customer is restricted to the web space allocated depending on the account type. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that his/her disk usage does not go over this limit.

2) The customer must not disclose his/her password(s) to any third party.

3) The customer is responsible for keeping backups of all his/her own data. Medway Hosting will not be responsible for loss of customer's data for any reason.

4) The customer is responsible for ensuring that the data offered in their web space does not break any UK law or any law in the home country of the customer.

5) Medway Hosting reserves the right to remove a site under any of the following circumstances:

a) The material and/or activity is suspected to be illegal.
b) A legal body makes representations to Medway Hosting for the removal of the site (e.g. for breach of copyright)
c) The customer closes their account or the customer's account is suspended.
d) The presence of the site adversely affects in any way the ability of Medway Hosting to provide its services to other customers.
e) The customer ceases payment for our services or if payments are late.

6) The customer must not resell his/her web space.

7) The customer must not promote his/her web space in such a way that he/she would breach this Policy, whether through Medway Hosting or any alternative means.

8) Any content of an adult or unsavoury nature must contain a warning page as to the content of the site which should be displayed prior to the viewing of any such content.

9) Medway Hosting does NOT allow sites to contain actual pornography. The definition of this is at our discression. If you are unsure whether your content falls into this catagory, please check with us BEFORE publishing it.


10) The customer must not use Medway Hosting's service for any of the following purposes:

a) Initiating or propagating 'chain' email or 'pyramid' emails
b) Sending unsolicited emails, especially of a commercial nature
c) To defraud or attempt to defraud in any shape or form
d) Using their Medway Hosting account as a maildrop for responses for any of the above
e) To deliberately send viruses, trojans or similar to any company or individual.

11) The customer must not email a person after they have specifically requested that you do not mail them. This applies to any automated mail system you employ.

12) The customer must not send email or post articles with headers modified in such a way as to disguise the true source of such mail or article. It is the customer's responsibilty to ensure that a real email address is present and obvious to any recipient.

13) The customer must ensure that passwords are kept secure so that accounts cannot be used to relay mail for a third party.


14) The customer must not use their account for the purpose of obtaining unauthorised access to any computer or service.

15) Medway Hosting reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove any web sites or accounts which might be held to be defamatory.

16) Although we do our best to ensure 100% uptime of our servers, Medway Hosting does NOT accept any liability whatsoever for losses of income/earnings/financial related data or any subsequent financial loss, however caused (for example but not limited to: machine breakdowns, malicious activity, network downtime, account suspension).


17) Payments for hosting services are due on the 1st of each month unless a different (non-standard) agreement has been made. Late payment on any account may result in the account being suspended.

18) There will be a £3.00 administration charge per domain to unsuspend an account, irrespective of the length of suspension.

19) The customer may terminate using our services at any time, however no refunds will be given for the rest of the final month concerned. Medway Hosting requires 28 days notice in writing (which can be by email or fax) on the termination of any account. Medway Hosting will then verify the request. Termination of the account will occur on the 28th day after verification.

20) Medway Hosting does not charge for outgoing transfers of domains, unless unforseen costs from 3rd parties are incurred. These fees will be charged to the customer at cost price. At the time of writing there is no charge for transfers out of .com .net .org or domains.


21) Following a breach of this policy, Medway Hosting will take any action it considers to be appropriate up to and including closure of the account without notice. All breaches will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

22) Following suspension of a customer's account, the customer must send a letter to Medway Hosting undertaking not to breach this Policy on a subsequent occasion before the account will be reinstated.

23) Medway Hosting does not allow credits or refunds for any outages resulting from a suspension or deletion of an account under this Policy.

24) Medway Hosting reserves the right to modify or amend this Policy at any time. Policy changes will be emailed to all account holders.


24) Specifically regarding .UK domain names, complaints from customers will be fully responded to within 24 hours and if our response is not to your satifaction, please go to


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